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Scott Morrison criticises Grace Tame as “childish”, immediately hands her a forklift licence (The Chaser)

Australian of the year and shoey world record holder Grace Tame has made headlines by not doing what a man tells her and not smiling for a photo.

Major news outlets across Australia truthfully reported the move as controversial, because even though the majority of the country supported the move, a couple of professional contrarians were able convince themselves telling a sexual assault survivor what do to was appropriate.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially did not notice the cold facial expression as he was busy ignoring women, however, was notified when conservative news outlets went into crisis mode because a woman wasn’t acting subservient in a man’s presence.

Scott Morrison joined the ABC in calling the move “childish”, however after a long consultation with Jenny and the girls, offered an olive branch in the form of a forklift licence, as he found it distressing that another child will be out of the job as of tomorrow.

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