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Dogs on our beaches – the do’s and don’ts (PBCA)

A Fact Sheet for Dogs at Peregian Beach and Marcus beach. The beach is to share and not everyone is a dog lover! Sea birds, turtles, crabs and other marine life also call our beaches home. As looking after our physical and mental health is vital we have prepared this fact sheet to help make a walk on the beach a safe, relaxing and stress-free experience for all. Off leash areas · Marcus Beach - Access 38 to 47 · Coolum - Access 67 to 72 including Stumers Creek On leash...

Finally, some action to protect our dunes (PBCA)

This week our community has seen the first signs of action on a major environmental issue for our coastline, an issue that’s entirely human and preventable. PBCA and other local groups have been ringing the alarm bells for several years now about the rising problem of private encroachment and damage along our Eastern beach dunes and reserves. A Council staff assessment and satellite mapping shows our concerns are valid. It’s calculated about 90 percent of beachfront owners are doing the wrong thing, some encroaching a few metres…others by as much as 40 or 50 metres into public land. That’s a...

Learning how to protect our dunes (PBCA)

The future of our fragile coastal dunes is in young hands like these, and we’re pretty happy about that. These year 11 students from the Noosa Pengari Steiner school joined us for weeding and native planting today in front of Peregian foreshore park at the site of the Message Tree sculpture. And this is not a token effort. Teacher Peter Dick (that’s him in the back row with the big hat) has had a long involvement with PBCA and our bushcare guru Rochelle Gooch.(far right) This is part of their Coastal Management Studies, and the students have been keen to learn...

A chance to see more of Kay’s art works (PBCA)

Wood sculptor Kay Christochowitz will always be remembered in Peregian Beach for his magnificent 'Message Post' sculpture at Beach access 59 at the Southern end of Peregian Foreshore park. For the next month you can see more of Kay's work and meet him as he is the Artist in Residence at the Cooroy Butter Factory, while exhibiting some more of his extraordinary work. Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre. Tue-Sun: 10-3pm. (until May 27th) More details at the Butter Factory website. Don't miss it. Read More

A new lease of life for our surf club (PBCA)

PBCA welcomes the reestablishment of an independent Peregian Beach Surf Club and Supporters club. Noosa Council has now decided to grant the new club a 10 year lease and PBCA is particularly pleased that Council acceded to the community’s wish that the lease state that their would be No gambling. We agree with Councillor Lorentsen that this will maintain the “family friendly” environment of the “village” club which we have advocated. We note that Council has agreed to provide $71,000 per year for 3 years to cover Saturdays and Public Holidays which PBSLSC cannot provide because of a shortage of patrolling...

Towards world class composting here in Noosa (PBCA)

Please take a couple of minutes to learn about the latest commercial composting trial in Noosa, run by Tourism Noosa and Plastic Free Noosa. https://vimeo.com/680696963Read More


Rochelle Gooch, artist Kay Christochowitz and Sharyn Kerrigan As the polystyrene pollution disaster plays out on our beaches this week, we found something to celebrate amidst all the bad news. The Peregian Beach Message Post is finished. This prominent beachfront work of art was created from the ruins of an old Norfolk Pine, scorched in the 2019 Peregian fires. It now stands as a powerful message about the connection of the Kabi Kabi people to the land, and our community responsibility to care for the coast and the creatures that live here. The four metre tall work features...


The transformation of a dead Norfolk Pine Tree into a stunning, sculptured Message Post for Peregian Beach and our coastal communities is nearly finished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1ZKyjrMGzERead More


Frogs are endearing, non-threatening and relatively easy to observe. Many are key indicators of a healthy environment. Therefore, humans could do well to take an interest in this animal group to ensure we know where they are and to keep their populations healthy. The Find a Frog in February citizen science program is now in its 6th year and has been busy building up community awareness of frogs and their needs, and helping people to monitor one or more sites every year during February. The Mary River catchment is home to over 40 frog species; nine of these are listed...


An update on the Peregian Beach Surf Club, and our community's expectations for it. SLSSC, on 3 February 2022, wrote to Noosa Council, seeking a ten year lease of the Surf Club Building PBCA has also written to Council advising it that PBCA remains supportive of the establishment of an independent Peregian Beach controlled Club at Peregian Beach, which should be run by and for the community, and by that we mean, not limited to the SLS community. We are also supportive of the Nippers program which teaches children surf awareness. It may even encourage them to also become volunteers, as...
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