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A new lease of life for our surf club (PBCA)

PBCA welcomes the reestablishment of an independent Peregian Beach Surf Club and Supporters club.

Noosa Council has now decided to grant the new club a 10 year lease and PBCA is particularly pleased that Council acceded to the community’s wish that the lease state that their would be No gambling. We agree with Councillor Lorentsen that this will maintain the “family friendly” environment of the “village” club which we have advocated.

We note that Council has agreed to provide $71,000 per year for 3 years to cover Saturdays and Public Holidays which PBSLSC cannot provide because of a shortage of patrolling members.

We also note that Council will consider granting $90,000 to repaint the building, as part of its budget deliberations.

PBCA welcomes the lease requirement that PBSLSC publish annual updates to the general community of progress, as the club’s success and viability will depend on it gaining the trust of the general community (not just the SLS community). This seems to have been understood by Councillors.

PBCA wishes the new Committees every success in doubling the number of volunteer life savers necessary to patrol the beach, from the 70 they have now, which only enables them, between September and May, to patrol on Sundays, so that they are able to also patrol on Saturdays and Public Holidays in the near future.

With Peregian Springs and Breeze now almost fully developed increasing the number of volunteers will not be an easy task and Nippers are too young to volunteer.

In the meantime, PBCA is confident that beach safety is maintained by the excellent work of the paid professional life guards who are on the beach weekdays and all other times when when volunteers are unavailable.

As the Council and community has a lot invested in this club, located on a prime site in the village, it is important that the club creates and maintains a club that reflects the local, village culture.

PBCA notes that the Supporters Club will receive the funds from the Peregian Beach Markets and from Grants and Donations but that an effective community use for the relatively unused Top Floor of the Building has not yet be approved.

PBCA hopes the club can create positive relations with all sectors of the PB community, make decisions that reflect broad community interests (not just surf lifesaving) and communicate clearly, accurately and openly with the general public

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