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Dogs on our beaches – the do’s and don’ts (PBCA)

A Fact Sheet for Dogs at Peregian Beach and Marcus beach.

The beach is to share and not everyone is a dog lover! Sea birds, turtles, crabs and other marine life also call our beaches home.

As looking after our physical and mental health is vital we have prepared this fact sheet to help make a walk on the beach a safe, relaxing and stress-free experience for all.

Off leash areas

· Marcus Beach – Access 38 to 47

· Coolum – Access 67 to 72 including Stumers Creek

On leash areas

· Peregian Beach -Access 59 and 67.

Dogs prohibited

· Dogs are not allowed between the red and yellow flagged designated bathing areas

· Dogs are prohibited between Access 47 and 59.

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Effective control

· It is a requirement under Local Law No2 Animal Management to have your dog under effective control at all times when in a public place. The only exceptions are when your dog is in a signed exercise area or off the leash area on the beach but still must be verbally controlled.

Dog waste

· Dog owners must always carry and use a bag to pick up their dog waste. Penalties apply if you do not pick up and dispose of the waste in a bin.


· The fine for a dog off-lead in an on-lead area is $287.

Proactive patrols of the Peregian Beach area occur randomly and the ATV is due to commence service soon, allowing officers to perform mobile patrols along the eastern beaches.

Council information

Noosa Council dog exercise areas

Visit Noosa | Off Leash Dog Areas

Sunshine Coast Council dog exercise areas Sunshine Coast

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