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Pauline Hanson quits parliament after hearing it will be run by a minority (The Chaser)

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has today declared that she can no longer being a part of Australia’s parliament, after being informed the country will be run by a minority government.

“I warned you all this would happen,” raged Pauline while packing her bags for England today. “It was always a slippery slope the moment we let those Aboriginals into the country.”

Informed that a minority government actually just refers to the number of seats won by the government, Pauline was unmoved. “Even so, I’ve heard it on good authority that many coloured people will be in this parliament,” explained Pauline. “From Greens, to teals, to Labor senator Linda White. Wait actually that last one’s okay.”

Asked what she will be doing for a job now, Hanson explained that she will be committing all free her time to working out how to release those tiny people trapped inside her TV.

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