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Tragic news as another natural disaster sweeps through Queensland (The Chaser)

Tragic news for Queensland residents as another natural disaster has been sweeping through the region that is still dealing with widespread flooding.

Residents in the affected area have been advised to bunker down and stay hidden over the coming days, with experts hoping it passes soon as it inevitably makes its way towards the Hawaii region.

“It is sadly too late to evacuate locals in the region,” explained a representative for the SES, “but we hope to keep as many as safe as we can for the time being. The devastation it can cause has been known to be quite severe, but if people stay as far away as any photo crews and coal mines as possible they should be able to stay safe.”

“For those unlucky members of the public caught in this disaster, we recommend staying 1.5m away to avoid collision with handshakes. If unable to protect your hands from the disaster, the best course of action is to call out and tell him to fuck off.”

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