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Scott Morrison wins ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Costume Design’ at Academy Awards (The Shovel)

Full-time actor and part-part Prime Minister Scott Morrison has swept this year’s Academy Awards, taking out a swag of gongs including Best Costume Design, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Script and Best Editing.

A prolific performer, in the past year alone Morrison has played a builder, army tank driver, truck driver, racing car driver, Indian chef, netballer, footballer, basketballer, rugby player, tennis player, cricket trainer, hairdresser, welder and pilot.

But critics said his most impressive acting achievement was his transformation from a rich rugby-union-supporting landowner from Sydney’s eastern suburbs to a rugby league obsessed bogan from The Shire. “The way he can just put on a Sharkies hat and then instantly transform into this totally different character from suburban Australia – it’s amazing,” one critic said.

While Morrison has never actually had a leading role, his zany costumes and slapstick acting mean he often gets the most screen time. “I’m basically acting the whole time. I’ll do anything, say anything, put on any costume, if it helps with the narrative,” he said.

Morrison does all of his own stunts, supported by a team of makeup artists, image management consultants and scriptwriters. He said he is willing to take on just about any role, although made it clear he would never hold a hose.

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