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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Scott Morrison Says He Wasn’t Aware Of Latest Sex Scandal Until February 2024 (The Shovel)

The Prime Minister says he wasn’t made aware of the allegations of Liberal staffer masturbating over a female MP’s desk at Parliament House until after the next Federal election.

Questioned today, Mr Morrison said he would ask the secretary of his department to double check the dates in question, but repeated that he personally had no knowledge of the reports during this term of government.  

“I am disappointed that no-one will tell me about this for the next three years, but until they do there is really very little I can do about it,” he said.

Morrison assured the Parliament that he would act on the allegations as soon as he is made aware of them. “The minute I am told about this latest sexist conduct I will immediately sit down with my wife to understand if I should take it seriously or not”.

The Prime Minister also agreed to launch an investigation into why his office didn’t know about the claims, which will be run by the Prime Minister.

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