10.7 C
Peregian Beach
Thursday, June 13, 2024

PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING: If you are in the Mornington Peninsula, please cancel your bikini wax appointment immediately. Scott Morrison is in the area. (The Shovel)

We have received reports of a man (Caucasian, mid-fifties, 175-185cm) in the Mornington Peninsula region shampooing the hair of random strangers. We have reason to believe he may be seeking other photo opportunities in the area.

If you have a beauty or hair appointment, please cancel it immediately.

We are also extending our warning to anyone who runs a small business, operates heavy machinery on a construction site, works in a factory (particularly any role involving high-vis clothing), grows strawberries, sells pies, runs a pub or is involved in any way with a sporting facility. Please be vigilant.  

We are especially concerned for any curry restaurants in the area.

While highly annoying, we do expect the threat to pass very quickly.

To reduce your chance of getting caught up in a Scott Morrison photo shoot, please remove any high vis clothing or hard hats, loudly shout ‘how much does a loaf of bread cost?’ or start a bushfire.

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