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PM congratulates birth of Perrottet’s baby by giving a traditional forklift (The Chaser)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison celebrated the birth of NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s 7th child by giving the baby a forklift.

“How good is child labor?” said Morrison today. “I can’t wait to get that baby on the job and ready to build. Obviously not right away though, haha, I’m not a monster. They can start on Monday.”

“I am so excited for the couple,” continued Morrison. “I mean seven kids, pretty soon he will be able to launch his own construction company. That’s some home-grown solutions right there, we will never run out of tradies again!”

Premier Perrottet thanked the PM for the gift, saying “It’s perfect. This is going to save me loads of money, I mean, do you know how much childcare costs in this country?”

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