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Oprah Reveals Underhanded Tactics She Used To Secure Harry & Meghan Interview: “I Pretended To Care” (The Shovel)

Oprah Winfrey has admitting to using lies and deceit to secure her bombshell interview with Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle, saying she gave the false impression that she gave a shit about their personal lives.  

An investigation into the interview found that Winfrey created a series of fake smiles and head nods in order to impersonate someone who cared, which paved the way for the interview to be secured.

“Harry and Meghan were led to believe that Ms Winfrey found their story fascinating, when in reality she was bored for the entire 90 minutes,” a statement from the investigation said.

“Had they known that Winfrey was not enthralled by their stories they probably … would’ve gone ahead with the interview anyway”.

The full findings of the investigation will be released in 30 years.


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