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Morrison: “I like to greet visitors with a smile. And a heavily armed Border Force” (The Shovel)

Scott Morrison has finally responded to the controversy surrounding Grace Tame’s visit to The Lodge, saying he always, always greets visitors with a smile. And the full force of Australia’s border military police if required.

“Manners cost nothing,” Mr Morrison said in a radio interview this morning. “There’s no need to frown. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been brought up to treat visitors with courtesy. When someone comes here, I always smile before ordering they be forcibly placed in a detention facility with no hope of release”.

He said little courtesies can go a long way. “Just be polite. Instead of ‘If you come here you’ll be locked on a remote island for eight years’ why not say ‘If you come here you’ll be locked on a remote island for eight years thanks very much’. It’s only a few extra words but it can make a remarkable difference to how you feel about yourself”.

He said a simple smile showed that you genuinely cared about someone. “When I say ‘someone’ I don’t mean the person standing next to you of course. It’s the person looking at the photo of the meeting and deciding if they should vote for you at the next election. That’s who matters”.

With Chris Auld @DamnYouChrisA

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