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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Millennial tells parent complaining about fuel prices to try cutting back on houses (The Chaser)

Local boomers have reacted with fury today, after being told by millennials that they should consider cutting back on $4 coffees if they want to be able to buy fuel. “It’s not that simple!” raged one investment property owner. “Why, cutting back on a few coffees will barely make a difference when fuel costs this much, how do you kids not realise this!?”

However, millennials have hit back by pointing out that that fuel prices weren’t high when they were young, so really it should be easy to buy fuel if you aren’t afraid to work for it. “The problem with parents these days is they’re just too lazy and entitled to buy fuel,” explained one millennial. “Maybe if they weren’t so busy buying houses all day long they’d be able to afford a tank or two.”

“It’s just not fair,” explained the Boomer generation. “We’ve never gotten anything easy. If you exclude cheap housing, free university, most of the pay, all the senior positions on boards, a majority voting block, negative gearing, franking credits, and seniors cards which give us discounts on all our living expenses, we’ve had to fight for everything we’ve got. Or at least up the rent on our tenants so we can afford it.”

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