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Man Announces 4-Phase Pathway For Paying His Taxes (The Shovel)

A Sydney man has informed the Government that he will be paying his income tax based on a 4-Phase Allocation Horizon.

Outlining the new approach today, 28 year-old Josh Banister said there were no dates or figures attached to the payment rollout, but they may be added if and when appropriate.

“This is a New Deal between me and the Australian Tax Office,” Banister said.

“Phase 1 of the pathway is to make an announcement about the pathway,” he said, confirming that he was now in Phase 1.

“Phase 2 is when I start talking about paying taxes. Phase 3 is when I start preparing my tax forms. And Phase 4 is when I actually pay the tax”.

He said there was no timeline determining how quickly he would move through the phases. “Right now we’re in Phase 1, so I really can’t comment on anything else until we move into Phase 2. That could be in a month’s time, it could be in a year’s time.

“What I don’t appreciate is this pressure from the Tax Office to impose times and dates on the pathway. What is this obsession with targets? I will move through the Phases as and when it is appropriate”.

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