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Generation raised on Harry Potter starting to romanticise room under the stairs (The Shovel)

Millennials who grew up pitying a boy who lived in a cupboard underneath a staircase are starting to think he actually had a pretty sweet deal, all things considered.

“It’s got four solid walls, plenty of shelf space and the lights work. Which is more than can be said for the rental I lined up to look at in Richmond last weekend,” 32 year-old Andrew Lu said.

Sydney retail worker Tess Samson said she’d kill for a place with so much space. “The idea of having a whole room to yourself does seem a bit luxurious. Turns out Harry was pretty posh”.

She said having a door that shuts properly was another bonus. “Our door fell off three months ago and the landlord hasn’t fixed it yet, but Harry’s door seems to be pretty solid. Obviously his landlord was a bit more responsive”.

Tom Hannison, 31, said he had often wondered how Harry had scored such a good place. “It’s always intrigued me how a guy like him could get his own place. I’m guessing the Harry Potter prequel will tell the story of how Harry lined up to inspect places for hours each weekend, and then ended up getting a place because he knew the landlord”.

A Sydney real estate agent described Harry’s room under the stairs as, “A cosy, low-maintenance delight full of period charm, close to amenities”.  


Headline by Matt Harvey @mattharveystuff 

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