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Monday, March 4, 2024

DATA UPDATE: More Sightings Of Wild Deer Than Prime Ministers Since Sydney Outbreak (The Shovel)

New data released today shows that people contending with the lockdown in Sydney are more likely to see a deer than they are the Prime Minister of Australia.

While encountering a deer in Sydney is considered very unlikely, it is still more likely than seeing Scott Morrison during a crisis.

Animal behaviour expert Judith Ramolia said sightings were rare. “Generally when it encounters a threatening situation like that it runs away and hides. Deer will often run away too,” she said.

She said the behaviour of the animals was fairly easy to predict. “We’ve found that when there is a plague or a bushfire – something of that nature – they will immediately flee their habitat. Whereas deer are a little more resilient, which is why you might still see one in the wild”.


With Chris Auld

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