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Calls To Rename Dedicated Quarantine Facilities ‘Australian War Memorials’ To Ensure They Get Built (The Shovel)

More than a year after the pandemic began and with no plans for a dedicated quarantine facility in sight, The Shovel is calling on custom built facilities to be renamed ‘Australian War Memorials’ to ensure they are immediately built and properly funded.

Under the proposal – pitched to the Government this morning – 1,000 stand-alone units would be constructed on government land in Canberra, with each unit named after a WWI battle.

“With the risk of Covid-19 growing in the region, what Australia urgently needs is more memorials to commemorate the ANZAC spirit,” the proposal read.

“As we’ve found over the past 12 months, hotel quarantine is not fool proof. Australia desperately needs more ways to learn about Gallipoli”.

The proposal also suggested the addition of a Captain Cook medical facility, to ensure any emergency gaps in knowledge about Australia’s settlement by Europeans could be quickly addressed before spreading further.

The Government immediately committed to the plan and promised $500 million for the project.

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