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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Army To Draw On Iraq, Afghanistan Experience – Expects To Have Vaccine Rollout Complete In 19 Years (The Shovel)

Scott Morrison has defended his decision to bring in the Australian Defence Force to manage the nation’s vaccination rollout, saying they will have the mission accomplished within weeks, or by 2040 at the latest.

“The advantage of using the military is that they can draw on their extensive experience in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Morrison said.

“So we can expect them to go in hard, immediately shake things up, and then quietly withdraw from the program in 19 or 20 years’ time when they realise it’s not possible to complete.

“That will be disappointing, but still a massive improvement on the clowns running the show at the moment”.  

The PM said using the military was the obvious choice. “Why get a health service to manage a health crisis when we’ve got men in uniforms with shiny medals? What we have found time and time again is that military are much more effective when it comes to media photo opportunities”.  

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