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Anti-corruption commission could risk putting a stop to corruption, Morrison warns (The Shovel)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned against implementing a federal anti-corruption commission, saying it may have the unintended consequence of uncovering past corruption and discouraging corruption in the future. 

“I understand the interest in this, but I don’t think people understand what this could lead to,” the PM said today.

“Members of Parliament need to be able to corruptly allocate taxpayer funds in their communities without fear that they’ll be labeled corrupt for doing it”.

Morrison said he was simply trying to prevent a massive mistake. “I think the problem that a lot of people haven’t realised with this proposed federal ICAC, is that it will expose and then put a stop to rorting. It will literally put a handbrake on corruption. And that’s certainly not something that my government wants to see happen”.

He said a federal ICAC could lower efficiencies by putting roadblocks in place for corrupt activity. “I mean, imagine if every time you did something corrupt, you had the prospect of being hauled in front of an anti corruption commission. It’s a massive disincentive, it’s a massive hinderance. Nothing would ever get done! 

“It’s easy for the Opposition and independent candidates to say they support an anti-corruption commission, but I don’t think they realise the effect this could have on corrupt activity in this country”. 

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