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Thursday, June 13, 2024

‘$420 should fix the cost-of-living’ claims politician claiming $300 a day to live in Canberra (The Chaser)

While announcing the new Federal Budget tonight, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has revealed a one-off $420 tax rebate to combat the cost-of-living crisis for Aussie households. The politicians who ‘travel’ expense $300 a day to stay in apartments they own in Canberra, told the public that $420 in 3-5 months is more than enough to afford the cost-of-living now.

“This plan will help those who need it most,” said the Treasurer, “as long as they earn enough to clear the tax free threshold. We will be able to support low-income Australians with this payment, such as anyone under $100k a year.”

“This is a large amount of money for millions of households, it is almost $10 a week. Everyone will be able to use that money to pay for everything they need to live and work, on top of everyone’s $200k a year wage and travel expenses, like many ordinary quiet Australians do around the country. We can all get through it together.”

In response to this plan, a local young disabled man unable to afford rent, or petrol, or a house, or food said, “$420? Hell yeah let’s blaze it! I mean burn it all down.”

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