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Peregian Beach
Sunday, May 26, 2024


Our Eastern beaches are under invasion. No, we’re not talking about Christmas tourists, we’re talking about the Gloriosa Lilly – a significant threat to our dunes.

There’s nothing glorious or superb about the Gloriosa Superba, and if they’re in your backyard you might want to do the right thing and remove them.


If you’re heading to the beach and see a figure emerge from the bushes with a brush cutter and some loud beach shorts, it’s probably Ron Gooch, veteran Peregian Beach bush carer.

All year Ron and his fellow volunteer bush carers have been planting natives and keeping on top of the weeds that threaten the health of our dunes.

But as Summer arrives, those dreaded Gloriosa are springing up in the hundreds of thousands pushing out the natives we want to thrive along our beaches.

It’s an endless task trying to pull each Gloriosa out, so with help from Noosa Council Ron is experimenting with decapitating the weeds with a brush cutter.

In just a few weeks he’s taken the heads of 50,000 or 60,000 of them, and it seems to be slowing their progress.

As you enjoy our beautiful beaches this Summer, spare a thought for the volunteer sweat of our fabulous bush carers like Ron.

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