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Monday, December 4, 2023

In our rush to condemn Prince Andrew for befriending a convicted sex offender, we’ve forgotten that Meghan Markle once wore a fugly dress that DIDN’T SUIT HER  (The Shovel)

EDITORIAL: In his BBC interview, we were reminded that Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffry Epstein continued, even after the American billionaire was convicted of child sex offences. But in all the commotion, we seem to have lost sight of the fact that the Duchess of Sussex once stepped out in a dress that was disastrously unflattering.  

To be sure, being seen with a known paedophile is unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as being seen in last season’s colours. What was she thinking?

Of course, Prince Andrew should have cut
all ties with Epstein much earlier, but the black dress with those shoes just
didn’t work at all. It was unbecoming, to say the least.

As royal watcher Bernard Harrington-Yates said this week, Prince Andrew should be ashamed of his association with Epstein and the dress wasn’t even by a British designer. “It’s not a good look”.

And while much has been made of the fact that Andrew flew to New York to meet with Epstein after his release, let us not forget that Meghan flew with Harry to the US last Christmas to spend time with Meghan’s mother. What a snub to the Queen.

Let’s get back to focusing on what really matters.

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