10.7 C
Peregian Beach
Thursday, June 13, 2024


The Coding from Beach June meetup featured space technology presentations from some of Australia’s top space technologists:

  • Prof Michael Smart, Founder Hypersonix and Chair of Hypersonic Propulsion at UQ told us about his world-leading scramjet technology that can “fly to space” and be used as a reusable launch platform for small satellites.
  • Tim Neale, CEO of Datafarming, told us how his amazing Digital Agronomy platform is changing the face of agriculture by providing unprecedented insights to farmers about their land using near realtime satellite imagery and computer vision.
  • Christopher Tylor, Founder of Neora gave us an astrophysics and astronomy lesson and told us about his startup projects, including building a resource atlas for near earth objects for use in Space mining.
  • Adam Gilmour, Cofounder of Gilmour Space, is mere weeks away from launching a rocket into sub-orbit in preparation for regular commercial delivery of small satellite payloads.


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