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An update on the Peregian Beach Surf Club, and our community’s expectations for it.

SLSSC, on 3 February 2022, wrote to Noosa Council, seeking a ten year lease of the Surf Club Building

PBCA has also written to Council advising it that PBCA remains supportive of the establishment of an independent Peregian Beach controlled Club at Peregian Beach, which should be run by and for the community, and by that we mean, not limited to the SLS community. We are also supportive of the Nippers program which teaches children surf awareness. It may even encourage them to also become volunteers, as we understand PBSLSC’s difficulties in recruiting volunteers when there are so many competing activities available.

PBCA has asked Council to consider the following issues which are relevant to the interests of the community:

1. PBCA wishes to ensure that any further lease prohibits gambling in accordance with Council’s 2019 policy decision.

2. PBCA requests that the new lease should be for a maximum of 5 years with the offer of a longer lease at the end of that period dependent upon PBSLSC meeting strict Key Performance Indicators.

3. PBCA would appreciate Council ensuring community access and use of the top floor of the building.

4. Before any extra funding as suggested in the 3 February letter is provided by Council, PBCA would request that Council carry out an independent assessment of the level of life saving services appropriate to the community of Peregian Beach, and considering how the building can best be used to fund the required level of service. The assessment should be by someone not conflicted by association with SLSQ in any way.

5. PBCA requests that Council make clear that it will ensure Peregian Beach safety and that the fall-back position available to Council is for beach safety to be provided by paid professional Life Guards.

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