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Friday, July 19, 2024

Weekend at Bernie’s reboot begins filming in Britain (The Chaser)

The Chaser got an exclusive peek at a previously unannounced reboot of the 1989 film Weekend at Bernie’s that has begun film in Britain. The movie is a modern retelling of the old classic with a fresh spin on the idea of people puppetting around a dead corpse for their own sick gain.

Our drones that fly around potential film sets so that we can take photos spoiling things years before the movie is ready, incentivising Hollywood not to make movies in our country, got some fun exclusive photos of the practical effects on the disgusting lifeless corpse that will be seen throughout the movie.

Insiders tell us that the make-up was made to look as creepy and unsettling as possible to really drive home the idea that people are just using what is clearly a rotting corpse in order to get everyone’s focus away from the real issue at hand. However whether the make-up team did too good of a job to the point where it isn’t realistic that characters would fall for the trick is still yet to be seen, mainly because I don’t want to continue looking at it.

Rumours say the new plot of the movie is: the protagonists are a powerful family that are a product of generations of inbreeding in control of a country with direct influence over many more which are run by an organisation referred to as ‘the firm’. The family are worried after claims of racism from within the family emerge against seemingly one of the heirs to the empire, so the firm decides to puppett recently deceased corpse of the racist great-grandfather figure in order to distract people from the racism problem. While all this is happening the heroes also have to continue to hide another family issue, the pedophile they play keep-aways with from the American police.

However we are still trying to find more confirmation of this plot as it sounds very bizzare for a believable story set in the modern day, especially if we are meant to like these characters.

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