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Virus Struggling To Keep Up With Which LGAs It Can And Can’t Travel To (The Shovel)

Saying it was all staring to get a little bit confusing, the COVID-19 virus was today waiting for further clarification about which NSW Local Government Areas it could enter and which ones it should avoid.

“As far as I can tell, I can leave my LGA to exercise, unless it’s more than 10km or 5km from my home, and I’m wearing a mask, unless I cross into a new LGA, in which case I can take my mask off until I go indoors or return back to the original LGA, which I shouldn’t have left in the first place unless there was a reason to leave. That’s what I’ve taken from today’s update; we’ll see what changes tomorrow,” the virus said.

Asked what LGA it resided in, the virus replied, “Literally no idea. Who knows that? Who goes around saying what LGA they’re from? Is that even a thing?”

The virus said in the end it had decided to stay put and wait for further announcements.

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