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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Victorian in lockdown devastated to hear Sydney is experiencing mildly chilly weather (The Chaser)

Victorian residents going into the second week of their 4th lockdown have cried out in support of poor Sydney residents who have non-stop been posting about their struggles getting through some mildly chilly weather. This comes after Sydney residents were forced to live through one of the coldest days the city has ever seen when the maximum temperature didn’t even reach 14°C, a truly gruelling experience for all involved!

“I can’t imagine what it must be like for them to be forced to stay in a jumper when they go outside,” said Alice who has spent the last week wearing jumpers inside, “I hope they are ok. It must have been terrible to need to wear a jacket, not only for style, but for warmth too. I hope they understand they need to do this, otherwise they might risk catching a chill.”

“I hope they know that we are all in this together,” said Mark a casual worker from Melbourne struggling to make rent, “it must be so tough for them. While yes other cities like Melbourne and Canberra have been consistently colder than Sydney, this is a fight we all have to face while Sydney does what they can to approach 0°C.”

“Wait do Sydney residents know temperatures can go into the negatives? See us other cities, not to seem like we are bragging or trying rub it in, but other cities are more prepared for temperatures to go into the negatives, and it seems like most of them have never experienced it. I worry for their mental state as they try process the idea of temperatures dipping below 0. They will be in my prayers, that’s for sure.”

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