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Unfamiliar object spotted above Sydney confirmed as Qantas plane running on time (The Shovel)

Authorities have called for calm after multiple Sydney residents reported seeing a strange object moving across the morning sky, seemingly in an orderly pre-planned manner. It was later confirmed to be QF405 to Melbourne.

“From what we can ascertain, the object was a Qantas plane flying according to its scheduled timetable, which we acknowledge is quite an odd occurrence,” a NSW Police spokesperson said. “We are working with Qantas to ascertain what went right”.

Onlookers said they were confused about what they were looking at. “All engines seemed to be operating properly. I couldn’t see any smoke coming out of the wing. It’s just not something we’re used to seeing,” Redfern resident Aashvi Kumar said.

“I’ve seen quite a few objects like this turn around and land back at Sydney airport. But not one that just keeps going on to its intended destination. It was very concerning, very out of the ordinary,” local man Jeremy Portland said.

Qantas has assured local communities that the occurrence was a one-off, and will not happen again.

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