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Turnbull Makes Backchannel Phone Call To Enquire About Buying Pfizer (The Shovel)

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a secret phone call to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to enquire about securing the company, it can be revealed.

Turnbull today confirmed the call took place, saying it would be a nice addition to his investment portfolio.

“I’d been hearing so much talk about ‘buying Pfizer’ that I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on placing a takeover bid,” Turnbull said.

He said he as an investor, you have to have to be alert to good opportunities, but also patient in finalising the deal.

“Everyone seems to be wanting to buy Pfizer as quickly as possible. One person was even trying to bring forward the purchase to August this year. But as I made clear, I’m happy to wait until the new year to formalise the takeover”.

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