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Friday, July 19, 2024

Tracy Grimshaw raided by the AFP (The Chaser)

Journalist and reason Scott Morrison slept with the lights on last night, Tracy Grimshaw alongside the rest of the ACA team have just been raided by the AFP after they saw proof that there is a serious risk to the government due to their reporting.

Many people noticed the ‘coincidental timing’ of it taking place the day after interview between Tracy Grimshaw and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, which included moments like the the PM not believing a woman after she points out that he has not once believed a woman on this issue, and Morrison mansplaining to Grimshaw that she has lived with misogyny her whole life in order to try prove he isn’t a misogynist.

The AFP have confirmed that the interview last night is a concern for them due to the sheer number of people who expressed desires to “Rip the smug fuckwit’s head right off!”

Experts say Grimshaw deserved a Walkey for being able to hold off from attempting.

According to ACA sources, the interview was not the only thing the AFP confiscated without a warrant. They also took most of their research for their regular coverage which the AFP assumed may have secretly been about exposing the LNP government after they were filed under:

  • Dodgy Landlord tries to force prices up for everyone
  • Racist Former Cop trying to steal your information from Social Media
  • Dodgy Businessman stealing water from local farmers
  • Rich man takes money right out of the hands of disabled people
  • Man running wildly physically attacks child
  • Sex offenders run free after officials team up with big-business

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