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Peregian Beach
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Peregian Beach Community Association says the developer, Andema, is wasting ratepayers money over its 6 Heron Street…the prominent ‘old Friendly Grocer’ site.

PBCA’s spokesperson, Barry Cotterell, says Andema has already cost the Noosa Council over $344,000 for its unsuccessful appeal against Council’s refusal of its 2018 application for a non-compliant building.

Now Andema is trying to appeal for even more time to act on an ‘expired’ 2012 approval by Sunshine Coast Regional Council (SCRC) for what PBCA describes as a ‘big box’ with a plot ratio that’s out of keeping with the rest of the village, footpaths jammed with diners and little room for pedestrians, insufficient setbacks and the strong risk of a ‘domino effect’ for the rest of the village.

“How much more will ratepayers have to pay when Andema could simply file a Noosa Plan compliant application which would be code assessable and approved?” he asked.

Andema has had 9 years to start work on the 2012 Approval by the SCRC which was then the planning authority. By June 2020 no work had started on the then 8-year old approval (which had already been extended by four years) so Andema applied yet again for an extension to prevent the approval from lapsing.

“Now instead of showing commitment to the redevelopment by demolishing the existing building it has advertised it for lease” he said.

Mr Cotterell says the 9 year old SCRC approval, which Andema has failed to act on, is now out of date in terms of Queensland building codes – for instance on disability access, which Andema recognised in its 2018 application.

“Even if the 2012 Approval was extended, Andema would probably not be able to obtain a building approval. This will result in further cost and delay” he said.

“PBCA strongly supports Noosa Council’s stand on defending the Noosa Plan and not giving this developer any more time for either ‘land banking’ or attempting to circumvent the community’s clear wishes for the village.”

“Unfortunately, current State land development regimes place urban planning outcomes in the hands of property owners and developers whose motives are tied to their financial interests rather than good planning” he said.

“Andema has a simple solution available. It should submit a Noosa Plan compliant application so this prime site can once again contribute to the local economy and to what makes Peregian Beach such a special gateway to Noosa Shire.”

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