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Sydney Residents Told They Can Fill Out 2026 Census In Advance Because They’ll Know Where They’ll Be (The Shovel)

The ABS has confirmed that people in Sydney will be able to fill out both the 2021 and 2026 Census next Tuesday night, given that it’s pretty obvious where they will be in five years’ time.

“Just pop down your current home address on both forms,” a spokesperson for the ABS said.

She said there were additional questions to consider for the 2026 form, for people in both Melbourne and Sydney.

“For Melbourne we’ve got an extra question asking you to rank your top 50 short, sharp lockdowns. This will be crucial in planning future lockdowns.

“If you’re in Sydney, please answer the most pressing question for 2026 which is whether Bunnings is an essential service or not”.

Western Australians have asked whether they can also fill out the 2026 form, pointing out that nobody will be leaving WA until at least 2035.


Headline by Niall Ginsbourg @niall_bigscreen

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