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Sussan Ley pauses briefly during acceptance speech to buy must-have Gold Coast apartment (The Shovel)

Incoming Liberal Party deputy leader Sussan Ley has thanked her colleagues for entrusting her with the important role, stopping midway through her speech to secure a beautifully-appointed Gold Coast apartment to add to her growing investment portfolio.

Ley, who bought a $795,000 apartment on a whim during a taxpayer funded trip in 2017, said she was still pinching herself.  

“It is a real honour to stand before you today as your new … sorry, one moment … $900,000? $920,000? $950,000 is my final offer … sorry … as your new deputy leader, and it is a role that will have my 100% attention.

“One of the things I’ve always believed about this party is that … $960,000? Done. Sold … is that it has the best interests of Australians at heart. And as your new deputy, I’ll sort out the contract in just a moment, thanks”.

Ley, who took 27 taxpayer-funded flights to the Gold Coast in her role as a member for the NSW seat of Farrer, says she is looking forward to using her new national role to travel the length and breadth of Surfer’s Paradise.  

A version of this article was originally published in 2017.

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