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SHOCKING IMAGES! Albo caught buying a spring roll in 2003 (The Shovel)

The theory that opposition leader Anthony Albanese is actually a secret Chinese operative is gaining traction, after a photo emerged of the Labor leader eating a spring roll nineteen years ago, in what appears to be a dedicated Chinese district. It comes just days after a video emerged of him attempting to speak a foreign language, which is against Australian law.

Believed to have been leaked by the Coalition’s ‘dirt unit’, the photo shows Albanese actually holding the spring roll, with some saying it may have been dipped in sweet and sour sauce prior to him putting it in his mouth. “We also believe he may have bought fried rice as part of the same order,” a Liberal Party spokesperson said. A theory is emerging that he bought the spring roll at a shop that exclusively sells Chinese food.

The Government says it has passed the image onto Australia’s security agencies. “As if we needed further proof that the leader of the opposition was in bed with China … well here it is. What this clearly shows us is that Anthony Albanese is part of the Chinese Communist Party, and he’s doing their work in Australia. A vote for Albanese is a vote for China and a vote for Communism,” the Liberal spokesperson said.

The Government also says it has proof that Albanese regularly buys clothing and other goods that are made in China. “We’ve gone through his bins and found receipts for Kmart. We’ll release those closer to the election”.

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