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Scott Morrison Running 20 Years Late For G7 Climate Meeting (The Shovel)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been invited to attend this week’s “G7 plus” meeting in Britain, but owing to a packed schedule of meetings with coal lobbyists, is expected to arrive around two decades late.

The world’s most powerful leaders will discuss a range of issues at the summit, including action on climate change, which Australia will commit to when it arrives in 2041.

Australian authorities apologised for Mr Morrison’s late arrival, saying it was trickier to be punctual when travelling from a different time zone and era. “I’m sure Australia will be able to catch up on anything we’ve missed when we get there,” a spokesperson said.

Mr Morrison stressed that this was a one-off and that he was usually a stickler for schedules, reminding Australians that 4 million people would get a jab by March this year.

Former Prime Minister John Howard is expected to arrive at the 2004 G7 Summit next week, where he will discuss the Kyoto Protocol. 


Chris Auld

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