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Monday, May 27, 2024

“Russia behaving like bullies” says PM who picks on gay kids for votes (The Shovel)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Russia is a thug and that bullying behaviour won’t be tolerated, adding that he is hopeful of re-introducing legislation that would allow schools to torment children based on their sexuality or gender.

In a media conference this week, the PM said that bullying and intimidation were never okay, and warned journalists to be very careful about what they said about his government’s track record on sexual misconduct, given he could easily reveal details about harassment in their own organisations.

He said people needed to stand up to bullying by Russia, shouting “If Russia doesn’t want to stand aside, She! Can! Go!”

Parliament House sources say the government has responded to Russia’s bullying tactics by asking the PM’s office to background against the boyfriend of a sexual assault victim.  

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