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Residents facing eighteenth once-in-a-hundred year event since last January (The Shovel)

Politicians and media have labelled the devastating floods in Queensland and NSW a once-in-one-hundred year natural disaster, the eighteenth once-in-one-hundred year natural disaster in the past year.

NSW resident Helen McMannis said she would be telling the grandkids about the once-in-a-lifetime floods of 2022, after she’d finished telling them about the once-in-a-lifetime floods of 2021, the once-in-a-lifetime bushfires of 2020 and the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic of the past two years. “And then I’ll tell them about the once-in-a-generation dust storm, mice plague and smoke fog,” she said.

“I remember the last once-in-a-hundred year event like it was just last year. You won’t see something as bad as this again, until something worse comes along in a few months,” she said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said there was no way anyone could have predicted the latest floods. “If only there had been some sort of body of scientific research that had pointed to more extreme weather, then we could actually do something about it”.

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