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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Religious Freedom bill to finally give marginalised Christians some sort of say in this country (The Shovel)

After decades of being shut out of debate and influence in Australia, Christians will at last be able to speak their minds and have a say in the running of mainstream society.

Speaking at the launch of the Religious Freedom bill, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, flanked by deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and senior ministers Peter Dutton and Alex Hawke, said Christians were marginalised in Australia.

“The truth is, Christians simply don’t have a say in this country. They’re sidelined, they’re shut out,” he said.

“There’s even been suggestions that Christian organisations should pay tax. But enough is enough,” he said.

Mr Morrison said that the new bill will mean that, at long last, Christians will be able to be heard. “If you’re a Christian, you’ll be able to put forward an opinion for once. You’ll be able to go to Church again. Even, perhaps, have some sort of small say in government policy”.

He said it was time to end the discrimination of Christians once and for all. “All of those things that you’re stopped from doing now, you’ll be able to do once this bill has passed”.

The bill will be debated in Parliament, with each session beginning with a traditional reading of the Lord’s prayer.

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