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Monday, March 4, 2024

People Under 50 Devastated To Discover They Can No Longer Get Vaccine That Wasn’t Available To Them Anyway (The Shovel)

Australians under the age of fifty this morning woke to the news that they will be unable to access a vaccine that they were already unable to access.  

“It’s like having something not given to you and then unexpectedly taken away,” an emotional Emma Trelour, 33, told journalists.

“I’m now going to have to cancel the appointment that I never made with my GP”.  

Sally Chamberson, 22, said it was like losing the keys to a car she doesn’t have. “How am I going to drive to the mass vaccination clinic that hasn’t been set up?”

Others say that, following the latest announcement, they have no idea when they might get vaccinated, which is exactly how they felt before the latest announcement.

Aiden Rigopolous, 28, said his plans were now up in the air.  “My plans to wait indefinitely for the government to at some point in the distant future shed some light on when I might be able to get vaccinated have been thrown into disarray”.

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