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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Paralympics introduce new ‘NDIS’ sport where contestants must jump through endless hoops (The Chaser)

As the Paralympics get underway in Tokyo, Aussie athletes have declared they are more than prepared for the challenge ahead, thanks to years of practice jumping through hoops, being run round in circles, and bending over backwards due to the NDIS.

“We are ready to win,” said one athlete after a gruelling session on the phone to an NDIS correspondent, “if I can make it through that interrogation I can get through anything. Besides getting through to actually getting funding obviously.”

“Thanks to years of dealing with the Australian government, I have built up the resilience and strength an athlete needs.”

Update: tragedy has struck for the Australian Olympic team after the entire squad was forced to bow out as a result of being deemed to not have a disability by the NDIS.

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