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NSW teens make consent app for being stripped by police (The Chaser)

Teenagers across NSW have worked together to release an app designed to teach police officers about the concept of ‘consent’. According to the creators the app would see police officers asking teenagers and their guardians for consent before strip searching them, something that is already required by law but sadly is ignored by disgusting sex offenders.

The app is designed to notify guardians and request consent before any strip searching takes place. It also has extra built in features many creeps seem to need like an AR scanner that checks to make sure the area is ‘in private’, a feature requiring a police officer to have a legitimate reason to strip search someone, and has step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a strip search with notifications like ‘don’t make them pose for you’ and ‘you can’t touch someone like that you scumbag’.

“I think we really need to find a solution to the ‘consent issue’ and clearly the only way is an app,” said Mia, a minor who prefers to not be naked in front of creepy strangers for no reason. “While other countries are doing excellent work teaching police not to act like paedophiles, here in NSW we still need to do more. While it is already illegal to do what they do, this app will hopefully stop the illegal activity and keep offenders who ignore the law out of the justice system.”

In response another suggestion has been put forward to deal with abusers by banning all police officers from being within 200 meters of a school, K-Pop concert or Stan Twitter.

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