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New Government Plan To Phase Out Coal By Digging It All Up And Burning It (The Shovel)

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has rejected claims the government is not committed to phasing out coal, saying it is doing everything humanly possible to extract and burn as much of the stuff as quickly as possible.

“No-one is more dedicated to getting rid of coal than this government,” Taylor told journalists this morning.  

“The fact is we are encouraging mining companies to blast massive holes into the Australian landscape so we can find and incinerate every last ounce of fossil fuel.  

“We’re literally digging the stuff out of the ground as quickly as we can. And when mining companies are too slow or too complacent, we’re providing them with financial incentives to get on with the job. It’s for the good of the environment”.

He said the Coalition’s policy was all about creating a greener future for young Australians.

“We know that coal is one of the leading causes of carbon emissions. So the best thing we can do for the environment is to get rid of the stuff as rapidly as possible. We won’t leave any rock, stone or sacred Aboriginal site unturned”.  


Chris Auld

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