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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New Four Corners Episode To Explore PM’s Links To Crazy Conspiracy Group (The Shovel)

The ABC’s Four Corners will go ahead with an episode examining the Prime Minister’s connections to a strange conspiracy group that believes there is an invisible being in the sky who hates gay people and knows when you’re having a wank.

The bizarre conspiracy alleges that a ‘judgement day’ will come when non-believes will be rounded up a thrown in a pit of fire. To avoid the fire, believers must perform specific rituals and make shit-tonnes of money.

It is alleged that the Prime Minister is well connected within the conspiracy, even inviting a senior member of the sect to an offical meeting in Washington DC.

The group, who often communicate by speaking a made-up, childlike language, is an offshoot of a larger group who believe a woman who had never had sex before gave birth to a boy who could walk on water.

It is also alleged the Prime Minister may have links to QAnon.

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