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New 7Plus App Lets You Choose From Dozens Of Different Racist Segments (The Shovel)

Following on from the success of its 7Plus Olympic app, the Seven Network has announced it will launch a new streaming service that will allow viewers to pick from hundreds of different racist segments, all from the one app.

A spokesperson for the network said the new app was a game changer. “In the past people have had to wait for a new episode of Sunrise before seeing Pauline Hanson abuse an entire minority group. But now you can see all of your favourite racist guests on demand, at the click of a button”.

He said it was important to give people access to a wide range of racist views. “You might want to watch a segment on how African gangs are overtaking Melbourne, whereas your partner might be more into the views of an alt-right American racist. With the new app, everyone can watch what they want”.

He said previously planned content from a British racist would unfortunately not be available due to her being sent back to where she came from.

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