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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Morrison Cubby House Still Not Built (The Shovel)

The cubby house Scott Morrison promised to build his children last year is still sitting half built in the backyard, it was been revealed.

The cubby, which was part of a series of promises aimed at winning the cooperation of Mr Morrison’s younger daughter, was supposed to be built within days of last September’s announcement. But nine months later, the site is half finished.   

“We had the announcement last year. Since then, nothing has happened,” a spokesperson for Mr Morrison’s daughters said.  

“A lot of fanfare, plenty of photographers, dad pretending to put the roof on. But then nothing. Right now all we’ve got is a basic shell and a few bits of timber lying about. All announcement, no action”.

Mr Morrison released a statement saying cubby house building was an issue for the states. He has promised to build the kids a swimming pool next week, with work starting on the photoshoot as soon as this afternoon.

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