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Morrison confirms order of 10 million RATs, encourages other Australian families to do the same (The Shovel)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called a press briefing this morning to announce that he had secured enough rapid antigen tests to last his family the rest of the pandemic. He urged other families to follow his lead and negotiate international purchases soon.

The PM said the news should provide reassurance to Australians. “What this announcement means is that, very soon, Jen, the girls and I will be set for RATs. Australians can expect to see pictures of pallet loads of tests arriving at the lodge and that should give them comfort that those tests will be freely available to my family whenever they need them.

“As I’ve said throughout this pandemic, there’s no need for people to panic. The tests are on their way, they’ll be here any day now, and so Australians can be reassured that their Prime Minister and his family has what they need. I’ll post a photo on Instagram when they arrive”.

He said taking personal responsibility and ordering your own tests was easy. “I would urge Australians to use their contacts with international pharmaceutical companies and secure a bulk purchase, although that’s a decision for individuals to make. Jenny organised the logistics for our order, I’m sure your wife can do the same”.

The PM said it was up to individuals whether or not they wanted to negotiate contracts for the bulk purchase of RATs, although residents of NSW will be fined $1,000 if they don’t.

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