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Monday, December 4, 2023

Morrison apologizes to News Corp for false allegation “I didn’t know Sky wasn’t part of the Liberal Party” (The Chaser)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has tonight apologised for claims that Sky News was facing its own allegations of sexual misconduct, stating that he had simply assumed that they were part of the Liberal Party. “Oh dear, sorry when I heard a Liberal staffer had been sacked, I simply assumed they were now working at Sky News,” explained Morrison. “Isn’t that what normally happens?”

However the Prime Minister was shocked to learn that Sky and the Liberal party are technically separate organisations, and that an allegation at one doesn’t automatically mean the other is involved. “Wait, so why was Alan Jones on air the other night demanding the Liberal Party appoint a Sky News host as the next party leader?” asked Morrison. “What do you mean the Sky News host is a Liberal Party powerbroker? I’m so confused, so are they separate organisations or not?”

Morrison has since stood down his adviser who wrote the flawed speech, with the staffer expected to start at Sky News within the week.

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