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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Millionaires form yacht blockade in Sydney Harbour to protest superannuation changes (The Shovel)

Saying enough was enough, dozens of residents of Double Bay and Mosman have asked their nautical staff to sail into Sydney Harbour to protest the government’s increased taxation on super balances over $3 million.

By blocking ferries coming in and out of Circular Quay, the protesters said they hoped to raise awareness for the plight of those faced with punishing extra payments.

“Hopefully when people see these super yachts, they’ll be reminded that there are people less fortunate than them. People who have to deal with a totally unexpected extra payment in the 2025/26 financial year,” Margaret Simpson from Rose Bay said.

“Sure, this might be a small inconvenience for people trying to get into the city today. But it’s nothing to compared to the inconvenience of having to unstack the dishwasher myself now that I can’t afford my second house cleaner on Thursdays”.

John Haughton from Vaucluse said ordinary Australians needed to be made aware of what those in harbour-side Eastern suburbs were going through right now. “You might be held up by a few minutes getting to work today, but I will now have to work with my accountant all week to find a way around these proposed taxation changes. And I had golf planned for Friday”.

Jeremy Slaw from Point Piper, who organised for his yacht to be present at today’s demonstration, said he would also be employing other forms of protest. “I am going to deface some of the multi-million-dollar artworks I own to help raise awareness for this important issue”.

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