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Peregian Beach
Monday, March 4, 2024

“Men don’t need consent lessons” claims guy who wrote love letters to students (The Chaser)

Broadcaster and museum exhibit Alan Jones has today received widespread condemnation after claiming that teaching sexual consent in schools is harmful and unnecessary. “The issue of ‘sexual consent’ has men walking on eggshells” he wrote. “For example, teachers these days are so terrified of crossing the line that they can’t even leave secret love letters for their male students in their classroom desks. What is the world coming to?”

“Nobody is saying rape isn’t a problem,” wrote the man arguing against implementing a proven solution to the problem, “it’s just I don’t think sex ed educators should be educating young boys on what consent is. Not all men are rapists and therefore no kids should learn what consent is. I mean if these poor boys learn what consent is, they will have to live with the sin on their conscious if they rape someone. Who wants a kid to go through that?”

“They are teaching consent to children as young as 14,” claimed the man citing an age 2 years before the kid is legally able to consent, “and they are teaching them about sexting at 15! Call me a traditionalist all you want but kids that age shouldn’t be learning about sexting, what ever happened to pen and paper? It’s always digital these days. Think about the damage this could do to romantic letter writing, that’s what kids this age should be learning about.”

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