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Liberals make native title claim as traditional owners of Kooyong (The Shovel)

Josh Frydenberg and Liberal Party headquarters have launched a native title claim to regain the seat of Kooyong, saying they never gave permission for someone else to win it.

In a statement, the party said they had followed all of the criteria. “As the traditional owners of this electorate we do not accept the arrival of new claimants to this strategically important federal seat,” a statement read.  

“This electorate belongs to us, and we are entitled to hold onto it, even if we leave it for three years while we try to advance our national careers.

“This seat has been in Liberal Party hands uninterrupted since Menzies, which is more than 70 years ago, although it often feels like 70,000”.

“In that time, it has been the site of traditional practices, such as ignoring the views of its inhabitants in favour of the views some guy in a hat in NSW. And while there is scant evidence of the erection of structures, we do still have plans to build those carparks one day”.

The party is also considering claims in the traditional seats of Goldstein, Higgins and Wentworth.

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